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Functional Entryway Design Inspiration

January 24, 2015
Functional Entryway Design Inspiration_Feature

Shoes and mail are my ultimate clutter issues… Do you have this problem? Do they have a support group for this?

To be honest, email and snail mail are both equally a mess in my life. At work, I have a filing system to be able to respond to directors efficiently with the information they are seeking, but a couple of weeks ago, I started getting daily reminders that my Outlook inbox is almost full, forcing me to delete a bunch of past messages before I can even send a new one. At home, my personal email situation is atrocious. I just reviewed my gmail account and there 5,046 messages in my inbox, with no filing system set up, aside from the “Primary,” “Social,” and “Promotions” tabs that Google appointed. I never keep up with deleting old messages and just skim through the new ones each day, starring those I want to get back to and replying to others immediately. My blog email account can use a little work, but thankfully isn’t the worst of the bunch. I have folders set up and was good about sorting everything in the first month, I just let it go over the last few weeks, and need to get back to it there.

Now, snail mail. [deep breath] Somehow, I have gotten so bad with my paper mail, that unless it’s a package that I’ll tear open immediately, I won’t even open it for a week, sometimes even two. In my early twenties, I used to just avoid bills  because I thought that would somehow make them disappear, but now I’m just flat out forgetting to bring it all in the house, or I put it down on a surface and forget to go back to it after taking Archer out for a walk. I don’t end up getting back to it until Saturday or Sunday when we are cleaning up the house and then I have a huge pile to sort through, giving Adrian and I each a mound, and tossing all the ads in the recycling bin. That means I didn’t get to lovely birthday cards right away and those would have made me smile sooner, especially after the work day.

As far as shoes go, you can find six pairs of shoes of mine at any given time downstairs in our home. I leave them by the door because it was wet after walking the dog, or i scatter my dress shoes after work in favor for slippers, or sneakers if I’m running errands. Then I forget to take them upstairs. Sometimes there’s a little pile of things to take with me on the bottom step, other times I have to go room to room to collect it all.

This needs to end. It’s also a step towards one of my resolutions, to  keep our house in tip top shape without the stress of tackling it all at once, because little tasks get pushed back over time.

So now the plan is to have a command center/drop zone built in to our entry way to keep things organized as soon as we walk in the door. I’d like a place for shoes, something to hold one week’s worth of mail only (junk mail should be recycled immediately and not included in this bin), a spot for doggy toys, hooks for my purse and coats, and a place to lay our keys.  I’d like to have a board for notes to one another, our weekly meal plan listed with an ongoing shopping list, and a shared calendar. This will require storage, as I’d like to keep the boards, mail, and calendars discreetly hidden from guests, but in the open enough for us not to avoid it.

So I’ve gathered up some inspiration. If you’re anything like me or have your own clutter issues, maybe these will help you too, or maybe just an aesthetic redesign is in order!

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Functional Entryway Design Inspiration

Functional Entryway Design Inspiration

Functional Entryway Design Inspiration

Functional Entryway Design Inspiration

Functional Entryway Design Inspiration

Functional Entryway Design Inspiration

Functional Entryway Design Inspiration

This last entryway is the one I am leaning towards. I’m hoping to come up with an Ikea hack to help us complete the project within a decent budget. I love all of the storage, but may have to reduce the upper cabinets and seating by half, since I only have four feet of wall space to work with on each side of the door. I like that the calendar and note system can go on the inside the long cabinet door, where they’re not in plain sight for visitors and that our puppy gear and mail can be out of view too.

Do you have a system in place to keep your mail, shoes, and every day clutter under control? I’d love to hear some of your tips too!

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  • I need to find some sort of system to keep our shoes / coats, etc more organized! It’s a slight disaster most of the time!

    • Same for us! Except of course when company is over and the house is spotless. Otherwise, you can find our coats hanging on the back of dining room chairs lol.

  • The entryway was the one project I never got to in our old house and now that we’re renters again, I’m not sure I will for awhile. I keep our shoes on a rotation and the ones that are in season get lined up under our stairs, but they have a way of all ending up on the mat by the door! Mail is the worst. I pretty much just throw everything into a drawer and don’t open that drawer unless it’s absolutely necessary. I always open birthday cards right away though haha The last entryway is my favorite!

    • The mail drawer made me laugh out loud because my husband usually finds an Amazon box and stuffs it with his mail. I like the shoe rotation idea! At least they make it to the mat, not in front of the couch! 🙂

  • This is something that I definitely need some inspiration for! Unfortunately my entry way in my current place is just so small/almost non-existent. I managed to to find a really cool old piano bench which is great for storing things inside and shoes underneath while doubling as a seat (read: place to pile junk), but that’s about all there is space for. Still, looking at these I think I could probably find a place to put some shelves to better use.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    xx Kathryn

    • An old piano bench sounds awesome! A friend of mine uses an old church pew and I love it. I need to start utilizing wall space for more shelves, but the truth is, I worry about messing up the walls and end up putting it off. 🙂

  • love these picks! one of my next projects to tackle on our house is our entryway

    • Thanks, Lauren! Good luck with yours. 🙂

  • Shelves and then the ‘junk’ drawer of course…

    • We put a ban on having a junk drawer when we moved into our new house. They’re trouble! 🙂

  • I have organizer for everything… so I think my clutter is under control. As seen here